Do you want to become the productive lady? Then this article for you 🎀🍭📝


Hello, my dear friends!

Very soon the time of study and work will begin and our rest will come to an end. Already now I begin to prepare for this period. Today we will talk about productivity and about necessary tools which will help us to become the organized, concentrated and accurate person. I decided to tell you and to share how I am going to become the productive person. 


Very often the laziness seizes us and we feeling sorry for itself we put the affairs away for later, convincing ourselves that later we will surely return to them. No! Stop! Remember the main phrase: then – it never means. Therefore only here and now. Better to postpone nothing for late term. And our dreams, the purposes, plans so fall. To reach something, it is necessary to work every day and to realize it. There is great variety of advice, books which help us to become productive. But the main is to bring order to the head. When you precisely know that you want, has to stop nothing you. Only forward. Forward to dreams. And I am sure that at you everything will turn out. It is very important to understand himself and to define accurately what to aspire to, perhaps, even to define what stops you and why suddenly you have decided to put affairs away for later. After you accurately know that you want, it is possible to start business.

And for this purpose you will be helped by daily logs, planners, to do list. I am a big fan of office supplies. And filling of the daily log gives me huge pleasure. Right now I carefully choose a glider which will be convenient for me and of course is beautiful. At school I was always asked: “why I always buy diaries are beautiful while all other schoolmates bought usual white color and just didn’t bother in this case?” And I will answer: “because when I rejoice to the diary, it is pleasant to me to write in it, to open it more often and of course I wanted to have in it good marks”. Ideality in everything. And here now in higher education institution I choose not the school diary, but a beautiful and convenient planner. I don’t love at all when homeworks are written in different notebooks, on different leaflets, for me most convenient that all tasks have been written down in one place. It will be so easier to plan in what day to perform homework. Perhaps someone from my readers also loves this business therefore I have decided to share the finds. 



That inside at you it was also beautiful and cheerful as outside, it is possible to decorate with various stickers on your taste and also an adhesive tape, to select with bright markers the text and multi-colored handles.




For those who don’t love printed materials I have selected several applications on phone which will help you: todoist, wunderlist, evernote and the most usual notes. All these free applications are also available to downloading on App Store and Android. 




My dear friends, I very much hope that you liked my article. I will be very glad if you leave the comment and we together will be able to talk on this subject. It is only a small part of the fact that I wanted to tell about productivity. Later I will tell about motivation, achievements of the goals and accurate statement of the plan. Very soon there will be new article. Do not miss. And for this purpose you can subscribe for my blog. 
Love u ♥️



  • Planners:Ban-do, Hapiness Planner, Notes, Paper Source.
  • Photo: Pinterest




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