Beach fashion


Hello my friends!♡

How are you? Summer in the heat. Do you enjoy it? For certain many of you already travel to tropical countries. Rivers, seas, oceans. Do you submit them? Or you luxuriate on the beach? I in this article chose for you several images on the beach. Be irresistible even on vacation. I hope to you it will be pleasant♡

We will begin with a bathing suit. To me bathing suits in which the top and pants are combined were especially fallen in love. It seems to me, they emphasize our figure more precisely. Also I have fallen in love with bathing suits with a high waist. In my opinion, they emphasize your waist and just look fantastically. 

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Certainly, to reach the beach, the light clothes from above are necessary. I have chosen several light dresses, and also romper. All of them incredibly simple and easy, but look very lovely, beautifully and gently.


The sun – it is fine. All of us like to sunbathe very much, but it is necessary both to be vigilant and to protect the head from sunstrokes. I just adore hats. Straw hats will make your dress incredibly lovely, gentle and very stylish. Therefore 2 pluses: and it is beautiful, and it is useful for health.

If we have started talking about hats, then it is worth and paying attention to sunglasses. Points from RayBan break all records in the world market. But each person is an identity therefore everyone will suit the form of glasses. I have chosen the most popular and fashionable forms. 

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We to women always need to carry away too much on the beach. I had liked very stylish straw handbags. They perfectly will approach your dress, and you will be able to put everything that want there. Also a couple of small handbags if you just want to take a walk in the coast and to add the dress with a decor.

As for footwear, I have chosen several stylish a slap and sandals. All of them will ideally add any your dress.

There now also my article came to an end. Dear friends, I very much hope that it was pleasant to you. I wish to each of you the finest rest. Have fun, enjoy the moment and just enjoy life. Very soon there will be article about my prom and preparation for it. I very much love you♡

Bye ❀



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