You are ready to subdue all at this party? 💃🏻✨❤️

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Hello my dear girls! ✰

I have returned. Later long time, I again here. Why I so long wasn’t? Study at the university takes a lot of time, now most of students take examinations and I including. If you yet not the student, I can tell that that ahead of you waits for all the best and interesting. All life boils at the university. New acquaintances, new hobbies, new interesting objects, teachers, etc. Precisely it will be pleasant to you. I very strongly love student’s life. And now, so far is a little free time. I have decided to write for you a post. I know that in the European countries there has already taken place Christmas. In Russia holidays begin from now on. But at each of us ahead there are a lot of actions where it is just necessary to look just stunningly. I have prepared for you a selection of the most beautiful and very stylish dresses, and also the footwear suitable under a dress and there are a little accessories. I hope to you it will be pleasant. Let’s start! ❀

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I strongly recommend to refuse unpretentious styles and to risk to put on something sexy. Be not afraid to look beautifully. Throw out that old dress which all of you protected for some case which hasn’t come, and the dress has stopped being fashionable and beautiful. Be not afraid to experiment. Put on images, unusual for you, open your beautiful shoulders, be not afraid to show to this world your fine legs. If to speak about flowers, then I recommend to choose something bright and saturated. Time of experiments has come. Forward to win the hearts of millions.

As for accessories: if you choose very bright dress with any additional details, then you shouldn’t place emphasis also on accessories. Will be too much. If a dress at you a simple direct cut, then it is possible to put on very large earrings, to take a bright handbag and at the expense of it your image will look absolutely differently. It is important to remember: it is necessary to place emphasis on something one, it isn’t necessary to put on too much himself, otherwise it won’t be stylish at all and not beautiful. As an example I have made such small selection.

I recommend to choose footwear classical black color, but also Marsala color which in this season is very popular will be also remarkable. Agree holidays and any actions occur not every day therefore I strongly recommend to put on to you footwear on a heel.

My sweet girls! Here also 2017 has come to an end. You are on the threshold of the new chapter in your life. Literally in several hours there will come New 2018. I wish that all your dreams came true, smile, shine from within, let all grieves and adversities will remain behind. Be happy. Ah and yet be not afraid to experiment, use bright colors, unusual and original styles and invoices. Fascinating creative process will bring you a lot of pleasant and positive emotions and also will help to find the individual style.

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Do you want to become the productive lady? Then this article for you 🎀🍭📝


Hello, my dear friends!

Very soon the time of study and work will begin and our rest will come to an end. Already now I begin to prepare for this period. Today we will talk about productivity and about necessary tools which will help us to become the organized, concentrated and accurate person. I decided to tell you and to share how I am going to become the productive person. 

Very often the laziness seizes us and we feeling sorry for itself we put the affairs away for later, convincing ourselves that later we will surely return to them. No! Stop! Remember the main phrase: then – it never means. Therefore only here and now. Better to postpone nothing for late term. And our dreams, the purposes, plans so fall. To reach something, it is necessary to work every day and to realize it. There is great variety of advice, books which help us to become productive. But the main is to bring order to the head. When you precisely know that you want, has to stop nothing you. Only forward. Forward to dreams. And I am sure that at you everything will turn out. It is very important to understand himself and to define accurately what to aspire to, perhaps, even to define what stops you and why suddenly you have decided to put affairs away for later. After you accurately know that you want, it is possible to start business.

And for this purpose you will be helped by daily logs, planners, to do list. I am a big fan of office supplies. And filling of the daily log gives me huge pleasure. Right now I carefully choose a glider which will be convenient for me and of course is beautiful. At school I was always asked: “why I always buy diaries are beautiful while all other schoolmates bought usual white color and just didn’t bother in this case?” And I will answer: “because when I rejoice to the diary, it is pleasant to me to write in it, to open it more often and of course I wanted to have in it good marks”. Ideality in everything. And here now in higher education institution I choose not the school diary, but a beautiful and convenient planner. I don’t love at all when homeworks are written in different notebooks, on different leaflets, for me most convenient that all tasks have been written down in one place. It will be so easier to plan in what day to perform homework. Perhaps someone from my readers also loves this business therefore I have decided to share the finds. 


That inside at you it was also beautiful and cheerful as outside, it is possible to decorate with various stickers on your taste and also an adhesive tape, to select with bright markers the text and multi-colored handles.



For those who don’t love printed materials I have selected several applications on phone which will help you: todoist, wunderlist, evernote and the most usual notes. All these free applications are also available to downloading on App Store and Android. 




My dear friends, I very much hope that you liked my article. I will be very glad if you leave the comment and we together will be able to talk on this subject. It is only a small part of the fact that I wanted to tell about productivity. Later I will tell about motivation, achievements of the goals and accurate statement of the plan. Very soon there will be new article. Do not miss. And for this purpose you can subscribe for my blog. 
Love u ♥️



  • Planners:Ban-do, Hapiness Planner, Notes, Paper Source.
  • Photo: Pinterest



Beach fashion ☀️🌊♥️


Hello my friends!♡

How are you? Summer in the heat. Do you enjoy it? For certain many of you already travel to tropical countries. Rivers, seas, oceans. Do you submit them? Or you luxuriate on the beach? I in this article chose for you several images on the beach. Be irresistible even on vacation. I hope to you it will be pleasant♡

We will begin with a bathing suit. To me bathing suits in which the top and pants are combined were especially fallen in love. It seems to me, they emphasize our figure more precisely. Also I have fallen in love with bathing suits with a high waist. In my opinion, they emphasize your waist and just look fantastically. 

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Certainly, to reach the beach, the light clothes from above are necessary. I have chosen several light dresses, and also romper. All of them incredibly simple and easy, but look very lovely, beautifully and gently.


The sun – it is fine. All of us like to sunbathe very much, but it is necessary both to be vigilant and to protect the head from sunstrokes. I just adore hats. Straw hats will make your dress incredibly lovely, gentle and very stylish. Therefore 2 pluses: and it is beautiful, and it is useful for health.

If we have started talking about hats, then it is worth and paying attention to sunglasses. Points from RayBan break all records in the world market. But each person is an identity therefore everyone will suit the form of glasses. I have chosen the most popular and fashionable forms. 

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We to women always need to carry away too much on the beach. I had liked very stylish straw handbags. They perfectly will approach your dress, and you will be able to put everything that want there. Also a couple of small handbags if you just want to take a walk in the coast and to add the dress with a decor.

As for footwear, I have chosen several stylish a slap and sandals. All of them will ideally add any your dress.

There now also my article came to an end. Dear friends, I very much hope that it was pleasant to you. I wish to each of you the finest rest. Have fun, enjoy the moment and just enjoy life. Very soon there will be article about my prom and preparation for it. I very much love you♡

Bye ❀


Summer in the city ☀

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Hello my friends!

I am with you again. How are you? Examinations behind. Summer, fun and sea of all fine ahead. Every year we look forward to it. It’s cool. In the morning we will be will and blinded the magnificence by the sun. This time when we do that we want. Freedom time. So let this freedom is expressed not only in our actions, but also in clothes. My article is devoted to light clothes in this hot season.


We will begin with dresses. Here I have collected several examples for you.

In the summer I prefer ease and simplicity. Now as you have noticed already the second season world brands please us with a strip, but in this season more prints with flowers have appeared. And it raises at me a smile upon the face. Look how lovely it looks. Only present: You go down the street in a pretty dress with florets, your developing hair are covered by a straw hat, in hands the big armful of camomiles and a handbag similar to a wattled basket. Looks lovely, isn’t it?

Also, I loved the jumpsuits. They are made completely of a lightweight material, so will not hot and very comfortable. This summer I’m against jeans and other warm clothes. Only the ease. Only the freedom. I am very pleased with this connection mini dresses and shorts. Especially for girls. No need to worry that will be too short and suddenly the dress can rise. 


If it is pleasant to you, then we go further..

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You only look at this sweetest creation. I can’t admire these handbags. They such lovely and very beautiful. I am sure that any your summer image with this handbag will look just perfectly.

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Footwear. It is not less important part. Fun, walks till the dawn. And it is very important that footwear was very convenient. In this season I have fallen in love with sandals on a small heel. It looks incredibly beautifully. Also flats will be always urgent. And of course small slates.

My dear friends! Many thanks for viewing of article! I hope that it was pleasant to you. I want to wish to you to spend this summer cool, cheerfully, unforgettably. Enjoy that, what are you doing. Make rash acts because madness also consists in it.

To be even more joyful. I have for you such bonus ♡

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✿ Be happy. I love you. Very soon there will be new article. See you. ✿

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Be irresistible on St. Valentine’s Day ♡



On February 14 — that surprising day when it is possible and it is necessary to make a declaration of love safely. Moreover — it is possible to report about the overflowing feelings to responsible for the fire in the heart without uniform word! It is enough to present him (or her) a small paper heart. St. Valentine’s Day — a favourite holiday of people of all age. He is adored by those who have already met the half, and wait to ask about love people to whom warm happiness hasn’t smiled yet. But it is not an occasion to long if you are one. This holiday for all. Make a declaration of love to the relatives, friends and of course yourself. It is day of love. I have chosen for you several basic things, and also 3 looks  for this holiday. Let’s begin?img_5140




This day it is especially important to be womanly, elegant and in too time air. In this season the main favourites of feminity: a skirt trapeze, pleated skirts, shoes with a thick heel, boots stockings which blow up all modern fashion, gentle blouses in peas, shirts with flounces, well and of course a handbag clutch in the form of a circle with a brush, agree looks elegantly and in too time it is very extravagant.

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Very much I like skirts trapezes as they emphasize your waist and look is very womanly, youthfully.

In addition to skirts, I have prepared different options of blouses 

Besides that now in a bag trend in the form of a circle, I very much had liked the idea of a scarf on a bag, and also fashionable backpack which will give tenderness to your fashionable look.

Now February, in some countries, for example as ours – Russia, very cold, but is not an occasion to refuse to itself to be a lung, air mood. I suggest to arrange this day spring for the soul. To indulge themselves with the finest oils for you, to put on the most beautiful dress from which you are crazy, of course, shoes which will dement millions of men. 






Thanks a lot for viewing. I hope to you my article and several images which I chose for you was pleasant, will help to look to you perfectly on this most wonderful holiday. I wish a lot of love to each of you. Even if you one, be not upset. Time will come and you will surely meet the person. And that who has couple I wish you even more love and protect each other. Love you, guys!   

See you soon. 

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Happy New Year


My dear friends !

I wish all a Happy New Year! I a little bit was late, but only all 6 days passed. It is unimportant. I want to congratulate all and to wish to you all the best. A huge bag of happiness, I want that every day each person woke up with boundless happiness in eyes. We so were tired and lost ourselves in this gray vanity, in the problems and heavy memoirs. But it is time to release all this. And to begin to live happily. It isn’t difficult. True. Just rejoice to everything that surrounds you. Meet day with a smile. I wish that at each of you all was very good. Super. New year. New opportunities. It is time to refuse all the fears, doubts, uncertainty in himself and to begin to live. Life is a thing interesting if to be really open to it. Let all your dreams will come true, let all of what us dream, all came true. Wish happiness to each person on this planet and it will return to you twice more. All comes back a boomerang. And I understood it. Don’t miss all the opportunities.              

 2017 for you.

P.s.:I long vanished, all this because of future examinations, study. But I have returned. Also I want to please you with the articles.
Very soon there will be new article.


Hey friend, don’t be sad, go have fun


Hey guys!

Here come the third month of summer. Time flies with a crazy speed. For two months this summer I did nothing, but this month I feel more active, I found some interesting entertainment and want to share with you. Most important thing is not to force yourself to do anything, and do it with pleasure.

  • And the first what I have come across, is such challenge. After reading, I as that was inspired to perform all these tasks.


To make it even more interesting to work I made here are interesting “To Do” samples:

  • My second find: You can treat yourself to delicious smoothies, pastries, soft drinks. Cooking will take very little time, but it will be delicious, useful and interesting. 



  • Third: is self-development. Now I’m reading a very interesting book on psychology, and are happy to share with You it. If you, like me, a little bit lazy man, I hope it will help you to realize your dream. 

Also, if free time, learn foreign languages, it’s useful to you in any way, be crazy, learn something that is not so familiar to all. Develop with pleasure.

  •  Fourth: this is what I love the most, shopping. So simple. But how much joy it can bring. I love this time of year, when preparations for the school.Then I run like crazy to find the right things to me, but I especially love to go to the shops with the stationery because it is my passion.  You can change the style of clothing, buy a few unusual things for you. Or change the hairstyle. Change sometimes also need.


  • Fifth: it of course travel, but if you have no opportunity to go to other city for example, or the country, then arrange mini-travel on your city. Study places in which never were.


  • Sixth: perhaps you thought of that as to change the room, to decorate as on the, or to buy in addition some missing details, in my opinion very fascinatingly and interestingly, especially long ago if you do it for yourself.


  • Seventh: sports. It isn’t volume you are pumped over or not. The main thing that you were loaded with energy for all day, super were active. Even the simplest exercises let you know that you are healthy, everything is fine, and it is possible to go safely somewhere with super energy. And Plus to everything if to carry out the simplest exercises, a body will be more slender, and from results, in my opinion, the mood always has to increase, or let know that else it isn’t enough to your ideal, and it is necessary to work still.



  • Eighth: I would advise to gather a big company of your friends, and it would be possible to prepare a lot of snacks and watch all together movie or have a nice conversation, I do not mean a party where everyone’s drunk, I mean cute spiritual gatherings, I think in these times you can get close with your friends even more.


  • Ninth: I would suggest you find a hobby that you will like. I am confident that if you love what you do, you will not notice how fast time flies, with great pleasure you will discover something new for yourself, or to do something unique, something that will distinguish you from others, because we are all completely different, we are all unique, each of us has something that is not like another. If you have such occupation, then you are lucky and I wish you good luck in your work. 



  • Tenth: Do the most mad things which of course decent, but the most abrupt. Come off so that then it was possible to remember it with a smile upon the face because it is possible as at me the last summer when we have a rest completely all 3 months, the next summer examinations, entering higher education institutions, and all this will drag on for a long time therefore be loaded with a positive for the whole year and plus even summer. I joke of course. But let though even this last month of summer you remember with a huge very broad smile upon the face.


Many thanks for viewing. I hope to you my advice will help, and it won’t be boring for you this month at all. Kiss you, I embrace.


Graduation.To be the Queen of this evening.


Hi my beautiful girls! The last examinations, nervousness, experiences, preparation for receipt in universities are taken, and someone just enjoys the fine beginning of summer. I want to congratulate all on the termination of academic year, and those who go to the universities, I wish them good luck. Ahead all best. Time when it is necessary to be prepared for a graduation party comes. Each girl wants to feel the real princess this evening. I have chosen for you several dresses, handbags, shoes which I hope will help you to be the queen of this evening.

1. So we will begin with the choice of a dress:

Graduation-it is one of the main holidays in our life which we will remember all the life. Each girl dreams of a beautiful image. I have chosen for you beautiful and not expensive dresses.  



Of course any girl will choose a dress which to her to liking which will be convenient and in which she will feel comfortable, surely I think that she will shine with happiness. Now in a midi dress trend, and also lacy dresses.

2. shoes for the Cinderella:

Usually shoes choose how they have decided on a dress. Choose such shoes which will be it is pleasant to you, well and of course that there were they very convenient.

3. Hair:

The hairstyle is also of course choose the length of the hair. For some it is more convenient to remove hair back if you have long hair you can remove, and dissolve and make gorgeous curls. For those who have short hair can also be made lush curls, and will look very stylish.

4. Clutches:

5. Against rules. Not as all:

I like experiments if you also love them as I, then I can offer you an unusual dress, these are jumpsuits. I think that many will be surprised to see you in this image as according to standards it is accepted to put on dresses, and you will be a certain tomboy who against rules.

My dear girls I hope you liked my article. I want to wish you good luck, shine this day and always, be queens of this evening. Have fun, steep in madness, dance in your shoes till the morning, spend this day so that then to remember him well. Kiss, embrace you💋

                                                                                                                             With love, Daria❤️

  • Dress: Asos, Chi Chi London, Net-a-porter, Farfetch.
  • Shoes: Asos, Revolve, ZARA.
  • Clutch:Asos.
  •  Jumpsuits:Asos. 




My dream bedroom


Dear girls!

I recently moved into a new flat and getting closer and closer there comes a time when you need to determine the design of my room. Many options of room design I have found and would like to share with you.


When I think back to my last room, namely my red sofa, I fall into the horror, in shock. Never! Never buy a red sofa in your room. What he will annoy you – I promise you. I had a light yellow Wallpaper and I liked them, because when the sun was peeking into my room was very light and this warm atmosphere warmed my heart. But this time I want her room to make out as something special. I want in light, pastel colours.


When I saw the Wallpaper in this room, I just fell in love. Such beauty I have not seen probably anywhere else. Dear girls, if someone knows where such to buy, write me in the comments. I would be very grateful.


In my opinion, the more in the room of light, the better, I prefer wall-paper in light tones, and in general I consider that there is nothing superfluous in this option. Very pleasant, gentle room. Below I will leave all references of designers of these rooms.


 Once I have visited the website and have seen this chandelier, and have been written that this limited quantity, it so was pleasant to me that I have bought it. And now the chandelier to my room of dream is already bought.


Earlier I didn’t understand all beauty of brilliant pillows. But now I have changed the opinion, and I madly like such pillows. They give to a decor beauty, fashion. It is possible to tell with confidence that such pillows from the usual room, do the room for princesses. Also I very much had liked here such lovely small pillows:

As for a cover, if your room in light tones seems to me the ideal decision such cover with a print:


Bedding should also be the most beautiful that you liked it. So you went to bed and dreamed the most beautiful dreams:

Recently I have come across in Zara shop this miracle. In my opinion, they combine tenderness, elegance. And now it is my dream to have such lamp:

Even more often I began to notice when glass curbstones are added to an interior, looks very stylishly and effectively.


Well and the latest thing which will make the tremendous atmosphere in your room is aromatic candles. Choose such smells which will be are pleasant to you, and I prefer sweet vanilla.


Now I have a heading “Sweet Home” and in the following article I will tell you how to issue a corner for the girl.

I hope that you had liked my article. Thanks for viewing❤️

With love, Daria❤️

P.s. Here references to designers of rooms:

  • Instagram: 1. styleconme; 2. sivbu; 3. mk_maison; 4. torunnshome.
  • Textiles, lamps, pillows, and scented candles: Zara, H&M.

O la la… printemps🌸


Dear girls!🌸

Here come the spring. I don’t know about you, but I was looking forward to it. This is my favorite time of the year. When not only the flowers bloom, the trees come to life after a fierce winter, but blooms soul. And before you continue to read my article, I for you this spring a small gifttip.At this link you can download and read the most amazing book about how to become a real Frenchwoman. All the secrets just for us. For girls.

In this book you will learn all you need to be impossibly French. Also in this book to reveal all the secrets about beauty, about men, about their behavior. The book is very easy and interesting to read, I think you’ll like.

I have a few ideas for a spring beauty. For me spring is something so tender, enamored, inspired.
And my first find :


Curls. So light and airy. Awesome hairstyle for spring mood.

The second finding: 


In my opinion this is the most romantic hairstyle. What you need for spring. For a romantic time of year.

And I have a few ideas for outerwear: 

In my opinion it is a generic version of the coat, which is suitable for business style and for everyday. Their color they show lightness and airiness.

And of course the hit of the season is bootsstockings:tumblr_nvo5vhsoX11spotn7o1_1280

They are looking great, sexy and with some sort of super bold outfit. I like them very much.

Speaking about shoes, my discovery of this spring were these cute shoes:


As for bags, I chose brighter and more daring: 


After a fierce winter, I think most people would agree that you want to look more feminine, airy, delicate, spring. And here is a selection of romantic images.

I loved the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s“, if someone was not looking, all advise. And I love the film “Safe Harbor” and “Footloose”. As for the series, it’s definitely “Gossip girl”. I just love this series.

And give you a little spring music:

  • Cecilia KrullSomething’s Triggered
  • Oh WonderHeart Hope (Matthew Heyer Remix)
  • kittaveli miss u (jai wolf rmx)
  • Sixpence None The RicherKiss Me 


And finally, dear girls, I wish you well blossom, as the first petals to be this spring, most beautiful, most good, desirable, gentle. Do not be discouraged. Let your life be the best of everything.

With Love, Daria💗